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Cake Pops

Cake on a Stick. Red Velvet, Raspberry, and Chocolate.


Pastry shell filled with ricotta cheese filling.

Cappuccino Cup

Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, mocha cream, topped with whipped cream.

Chocolate Hazelnut Domes

Cream Horns

Flaky crust filled with custard

Cream Puffs

Choux pastry filled with chocolate or white mousse.


Strawberry, white chocolate, carrot, peanut butter, red velvet and chocolate.


Hazelnut Meringue

Crisp Hazelnut Meringue Cookies layered with Chocolate Mousse

Powder Puffs

Vanilla Cake filled with pastry cream and raspberry preserve.

Miniature size of all desserts available. Minimum order of one dozen of each or more.